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All Radiator Thermometers are not the same…

I am sure regular readers of my blog (hi Mum) will be most disappointed to learn that I have no amusing thermometer based anecdotes this time as I have run out! I haven’t actually run out, I’ve got loads. I … Continue reading

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The Right Thermometer for the Job

Following on from a blog I wrote a few weeks ago regarding the misuse of an infra-red ear thermometer I thought I would pursue the subject of ‘right tool for the job’ in a little more detail. As you may … Continue reading

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Temperature of Cooked Chicken

This post is a response to a comment on my Ask me a temperature related question… post. If you have any questions related to the world of temperature or thermometers, post it on there and I’ll endeavour to answer it. The … Continue reading

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No Daddy, It Doesn’t Go There!!

Whilst doing some research for my latest foray into the fascinating world of thermometers (don’t laugh – it is my world), I found another story that amused and disturbed me in equal measure. Apparently a father, who suspected his poorly … Continue reading

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I did NOT stab anyone with a Meat Thermometer

I wouldn’t want people to think that I was in any way vain but whilst Googling “Thermometer Guy” (don’t laugh – we’ve all Googled our name haven’t  we? No, just me then!) I came across this article in the US press:  “Up … Continue reading

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A Bit Lighter?

Okay, last night the wife looked at my blog and accused me of being over-informative and under-interesting, saying the blog was in definite need of lightening up a bit! I don’t like to concede that she’s right, but to that … Continue reading

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Testing Thermometer Accuracy (aka Calibration)

A thermometer’s accuracy is vital if the temperature readings it produces are to be relied upon. For this reason calibration, or the regular checking of a thermometer’s accuracy, should always be incorporated into any relevant business safety system. The type … Continue reading

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